GRAVITI SITUASI - bangun pagi, bila body mula beraksi, selagi kaki terpacak atas bumi, setiap gerak geri harus dinterpretasi, membawa suka atau duka, membuah tawa atau hiba, menatijah sorga atau neraka. Hidup akan terus ku pandu walau dilanda pilu, walau dihambat sayu, walau diamok syahdu, walau ditebak peluru, walau dilontar batu.
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bal akhiratu khairun wa abqa

          I CYCLE a BICYCLE to SCHOOL!          
  karya izzat @ izza graphy *klik untuk link
Promises are like babies:  easy to make, hard to deliver.  
(quote from
Once u make a promise, theres no turning back for sure. Macam pepatah melayu terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata badan binasa. On Tuesday, I involuntaryly accepted Bud's request to load his drive with movies, and yesterday I had to face disgrace because of my action.

I recklessly left the drive on my bed, so before my last paper I had to make promise to Bud to (banyak to nampak) send him the drive before six (as his father is going to fetch him at six) by bicycle.

Unfortunately I arrived home after the last paper around 5 o'clock. I got change as fast as snail (haha, kena mandi dulu la pape) then set off to school. I gave him my words and I was not going to turn him down la.

bawah jambatan brader.
Off I went to school, bapak jauh tahu tak. My old bicycle rattled terribly and the tires were almost flat. I might ended up constipated as I locomote along the kampong bumpy road might almost ruin my digestive system. *chuchkles.. But constipation was not so bad compared to all the other illnesses in the world.

Thanked to GOD, I arrived at school safe and sound eventhough I jumped off my bike (its true and its a stunt man), rubbing my aching back and sore bottoms. My face was glistening and flushed, and my yellow shirt was drenched. If u kiss my hand at the moment ull taste nothing but salt. Hahahaaa..

And God loved me. Even its alrady 6.05(or 6.15), Bud was still at school, waiting for his papa. It wasnt long before i headed back home. Although there're lots of frens at school, Iwas not going to stick around and tell jokes.

My journey home is more fun because two boys, one indian and one malat occupied me. I gave them sweets, one each (oh, hanifie gimme those before i started cycled back). Arrived home at 7, sharp.

 The pendrive, exacta like this..

Cant stand this idiom,
 Promises are like piecrust, made to be broken. 
this is very-very wrong ladies and gentlemen!

have a preview of the live, me!

A HANIF story
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