GRAVITI SITUASI - bangun pagi, bila body mula beraksi, selagi kaki terpacak atas bumi, setiap gerak geri harus dinterpretasi, membawa suka atau duka, membuah tawa atau hiba, menatijah sorga atau neraka. Hidup akan terus ku pandu walau dilanda pilu, walau dihambat sayu, walau diamok syahdu, walau ditebak peluru, walau dilontar batu.
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School is my SECOND HOME. But it really worn me out. Being a SPM candidate, and having to go through a really complex educational system in AL-AMIN really turn me into a narcoleptic* boy. Extra classes, evening and night, plus a couple sets of volleyball game push myself to the limit. And when i drop my anchor-sized feet at home, all I see, dream, and wish for is my comfy bed.

But of course, before i set off to bed, there are few things that i usually do (they are my must-to-do routine maaa)
  1.   Eat PIZZA.. Home-made. super yummy.
  2.  Watch T.V
  3. Have my night school putfit change into my nightdress
  4. 20 sets of knee-bending*
  5.  drink a couple glasses of water
  6. 30 sets of sit up..make my tummy flat
  7.  Brush my teeth.. its hard with my braces on
  8.  Put on the new elastic* .. U know, braces business
  9.  Turn on the alarm.. Need to get up early. No excuse
  10.  Play songs and catnap... ZzZzzzzZ around 12 o'clock.

What are yours?

.I am sick and tired of being sick and tired because it's a sin to be tired.

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